IOU+UOI= Anthropologie

Hi Everyone:

How was your weekend…mine was pretty cool and believe it or not I kinda just chilled. I took almost 2 hours on Friday, after a lunch meeting and just appreciated life and the gorgeous weather we had in philly. I actually just sat in a park with my thoughts, Twitter and my Blackberry. It was nice…no computer, no emailing,or  updating nada! But as you can see I’m back on the horse,  but I always come with some fashionable gifts!

Always on the hunt to update my wardobe and after my quick stint in Urban Outfitters on Friday (before the park), I had the urge to shop more.  So on saturday I took a long overdue trip to Anthropologie! I love this store but I don’t go as much now that I’m back in Philly (though we have a huge one in the city). Anywho, I was stumbling around a mall in Delaware when I bumped into her…

Army Green Pencil Skirt $98

 It was love at first sight, especially when she said ” Hello Lover, I’m Fall.” I was smitten, so much so it didn’t occur to me to take a real-live picture. 

As I was roaming the store I saw more and more things that I loved and it all started to make sense. I was so amphed I had to do a blog post. Heres what I found while shopping…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I really like all the pieces shown but my favorite is the dress, but $268 is way too rich for my blood for that dress.  However, it would be an investment: the dress is 100% silk, looks to be well made, and has every nice details, but I still would not pay that. Sorry Anthro. 

And while we’re on the subject I have a love/hate relationship with this store. I love the retro, feminine, appeal of the brand but, on the other had I really dislike their price point. Now don’t get me wrong I’m all about investing in your wardrobe however, there is a line and $268 is where I draw the line for retail. Period. 

I also love that Antroplogie carries sizes 12 & 14 that are in most cases true to size. From my own experience I’ve learned this and from the great reviews they have on their site. they are extremely helpful, due to the fact 98% of them include the reviewers, height,weight, dress size and body shape 🙂 

Another dress I found their is pictured below. It comes in an array of colors and seemed to be a coveted piece online, judging from its 57 reviews!!! However I’m tried of jersey knits!

1. They are not all created equal

2. Can they give my curvy girls another fabric, damn! #imjustsayin’

Death to Jersey Knits

The curvy girls where loving this dress. They ranted and raved about how comfy it was which was a good look. So yes, its cute and all but I’ll pass, especially for $138.

Lastly, I founded these belts and immediately hunted a sales girl down to point me in their direction. 

I love this belt | $58

Glam v. Minimal

These belts are polar opposites, I want to own them both you can dress them up or down. BTW the glam or sparkly belt is $48!!! Not too shabby. 

Like anything you see or want to explore Anthropologie visit them on their site.

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Love you guys for reading.  

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