Is It Still Wednesday… Just Press Play

Sorry for the delay but, I had a really busy day today and Mr. Jason Daily was keeping a secret from me. Anyway this week on THE FASHION FIX/PRESSPLAYRADIO  Jay and I did something a little different, we played our version of Venus v. Mars. I noticed that many of the questions and emails I get are all basically the same so I decided to take those questions and turn them into a a lil’ game. But theres more where that came from… Click here to play with us and listen to the rest of the gush!

Heres this week’s topics

Cynthia Bailey Opens Fashion School, Vh1 Single Ladies, and Venus v. Mars

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This week Jay also dishes on Beyonce, DMX Prison Release & New Music  From Monica. We hope you enjoy and if you have any questions or comments about the show or about SMB feel free to leave a comment below. Or you can hit us up on twitter @skinnyminority or via email.

We love you for reading and listening.

PS: Have you taken our poll? We need to know what you guys are think about our makeover?!!!

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