Calling All Philly Girls

Hello My Loves!

First things first, do you like our new look? I was growing tired of the old theme we had going on over here so in celebration of all the action we’ve been getting and turning 7months I decided to give our blogette a lil’ face lift.

Let us know if you like our new look by taking poll, just click the tab in the menu bar above.

Anyway, if you are apart of THE SKINNY MINORITY and you read this blog often you know that I have a sick obsession with Henri Bendel! I don’t just love the jewelry I love the entire brand; the lifestyle, the history, everything. Its so 5th on Madison, ie luxurious. Recently they came up with The Bendel Girl City Guide, which is where they tell you all the hot spots where bendel girls should go for fun, fashion, and culture. Since Philadelphia is a bendel city (meaning we have a store located here) they created one for Philly Bendel Girls. How Cute! I love it!

Philadelphia Bendel Girl Guide

Each guide list 5 top places local and visiting fashionista’s should venture. On the philly guide they’ve listed everything from museums to brow threading bars. Shoutout to Philly, I’m proud of m city.

Check out the  full city guide here.

Not in Philly, no worries there are several other guides, in fact there’s one for each bendel city. Click here to see your city’s Bendel Girl Guide.

This actually gives me an idea to create a Glam Girl Guide to Philly! Humm I don’t kno… I’ll keep you guys posted.

In the mean time enjoy the offial HB guide.

Thanks for reading


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