Curvy Girls The Glass Is Half Full 003

Recently one of our Twitter followers @NaiOnLife tweeted this “ Follow @SkinnyMinority they have a great way of boosting confidence and promoting self love!This got me to thinking about a post I did in  back in December Called The Worldwide Glam Fairy! So for those of you that missed this on our Tumblr, here she go…
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I’ve wanted to write this blog post for awhile and at 2:36 am I decide to do it. A few months ago I sat in a Café in Harlem having a rather heated conversation about the future of Skinny Minority, our marketing & branding strategy to be exact. The meeting was with my former pr team, whose name shall remain anonymous. As I sit here and type one statement in the conversation still resonates in my soul

“Everything doesn’t have to be so glamorous, everyone in your audience won’t be and those that aren’t may not appreciate that.”

And even now I think to myself, WTF… But Skinny Minority Is Glamorous our Brand Celebrates Glamour!

When your in an industry that treats curvy, plus, and yff (young fat and fabulous, thanks Gabi) women like second class citizens finding ones inner glamour can be difficult.

Over the past few months I have shopped less and less at the mall. Now when I shop, I park myself in the bed, and those long lines that I use to dread have been replaced by quick PayPal checkouts. Yes, like many of you reading this I shop online mostly. Like Haute Couture, the malls of America don’t welcome my curves, and retail has become torture rather than therapy. I know that I’m not alone, lets face it 68% of women in America wear a size 14 or larger. So what does this mean? Well I have come up with my own theory… Designers, Editors, Retailers, and Brands alike don’t believe that curves are profitable let alone luxurious!!! As a stylist I know I may get in trouble for saying that but I don’t care, I’m stating a very well known fact about the industry I work in.  But where are my colleauges getting they’re facts from, because according to the 2009 s&p consumer report 54% of all apparel purchased that year was within the plus size market.  Clearly the numbers don’t add up.  You have 68% of the women that enter the mall not being able to shop because over half the stores there don’t even sell size 14 or XL.  Not to mention we are living in a society where a large fits like a medium. Sometimes its like you can’t win for losing. But don’t mistake it, no sore losers at Skinny Minority!

All of this brings me to beg the question, “Is this deliberate plot put in place to control childhood obesity? Hell No! Or how about to protect the integrity of the fashion industry? I don’t buy that either. My theory, is that this bias and prejudice boycott of real curves was put in place to lock us out of fashion, to force us to conform, to make us want to be, essentially, them! But damnit I LOVE MY CURVES & They are LUXURIOUS & Glamorous! Now, have I been on a diet or 7 in my life, yes, no shame in the game! However, size 3 will never apply to me… my body, mind or spirit just won’t have it.

In the mean time I’m going continue to fight the BS because as far as I’m concerned curvy gals rock! We are now setting our own rules and making our own strides, loving ourselves whole heartily and making no apologies for it!

Curvies, do you agree? What are your thoughts?

Join the conversation….

Thanks for reading….

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