Style Hero: Isis Arias

I love reading articles about fabulous brown girls and women. It inspires me! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not throwing shade, just giving women like me their due. This weeks style hero is Miss Isis Arias. She’s the most powerful of all female goddesses in ancient Egypt and her name means women of the throne.  Well at least the original Isis was a goddess in Egypt. Our Isis may not be in history books or traveled to Egypt but, her resume is pretty impressive.

Isis Arias

Occupation: Brand Ambassador 

Location: NYC By Way Of New Jersey

Alumnus: Rutgers University

Style: Sexy Sassy Urbanite; Statement Accessories, Nikes; Jeans for day and a Dress for night

Clients: Henessey, Indie Designers

She Says About Herself:  The ability to identify “cool” and having Access.

Miss Isis is a gem, truly she is and we are proud to see her shine. Along with building the brands of others she is also building her own.  She is definitely a power chick and that is what we are all about. She makes her own rules and looks damn good while doing it. In history books she is a goddess, but to us she’s more, she’s our Hero!

One thought on “Style Hero: Isis Arias

  1. Ms No Shade Just Being Honest says:

    Honestly I saw the mini spread in Essence and the shoes were amazing. I love the black sequined dress and the shoes. Not throwing shade just saying nothing screams brand ambassador when I look at these pics. I think Angela Simmons has a sick body! Now when are you going to do a story on YANDI SMITH aka the $15 million dollar chick! Yandi exudes STYLE!

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