What I Wore: Color Blocking

Hola Amigas, 

Its way past time for me to do an outfit post… I haven’t done one since April. I know, I suck sometimes but, I’m going to commit myself to doing one at least once a month. I know I could do better but, I don’t always have some one to take the pictures besides its not even my camera. 

This past Sunday I made it my business to take some pics wearing the pink jeans I talked about in the fashion finds post I did. I also talked about them on eps. 2 of the Fashion Fix.

I got them from Forever 21…

The Leg

 They cost about $20 and the fit is pretty good, not my Madewell’s… yet, they get the job done, I just love the color. The inseam is a little weird or maybe just a little long. I’m going to have my tailor take a look so they can fit better. 

I love how the background blends…

Here are the Deets Of The Look

– Orange Blazer: Urban Outfitters (vintage collection)

– White Tee Shirt: IDK (lol)

– Pink Skinny Jeans: Forever 21+

– Shoes: Miu Miu (S/S 10)

– Bag: Gap

The Bag Is Lacking

Please forgive the bag I was being lazy but I would have done my electic blue Coach Kristen Bag or my vintage red envelop clutch, but whatev!

I hope my fav necklace makes up for it…

I love HER

I’ve loved her since the day we first met! My girl Linda @lindamichi2984 is a Traci Lynn Consultant and hooked me up. This is my fav piece of jewelery and it cost under $50!!! I’d been looking for a great statement necklace forever to no avail.Well now I have her, she ups the ante on ANY outfit. 

I’m really loving color blocking right now and  light easy brezy dresses so thats what I’ll be doing this summer.

What trends interest you guys? Neon? Hot White? What about the 70’s look? Gush with us, we love to hear from our readers. 

Until the next time…

Muah! Thanks for reading

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