Style Hero: Denise Caldwell

Its a WELL known fact that brown girls don’t receive the shine and recognition they (we) deserve and are worthy of in the fashion industry. With the rise of brown socialites, fashionistas, stylist, and bloggers we need a hub where we are celebrated! I think we’ve played by the rules long enough and now have the POWER, STYLE, KNOWLEDGE & GRACE  to simply make our own.

From that I birthed Style Hero. My personal homage to brown and curvy girls across the nation who have any eye for fashion & explosive style. These are not just girls in cute outfits, these women are making their mark, doing things many only dream all while looking fab. I salute them, they are our heros!

Up 1st… Miss Denise Caldwell.

Our Hero

  • Age: 20 Something
  • Location: NYC By Way Of St. Louis Missouri
  • Alma Mater: Howard University
  • Occupation: Studio Director @ Stephenson Productions
  • – She works side by side with 20 year fashion vet Mary Alice Stephenson.
  • Lifestyle: “life of a jetsetter, fashion enthusiast.” 
  • Personal Style: A fitted shift dress, I never wear jeans and I always wear something with stretch in it. I love Fux Fur. Invest in statement accessories like necklaces and shoes.
  • Best Fashion Advice: Have a good tailor

From one curvy girl to another I know its a challenge being luscious in this industry. I have walked on many sets for photoshoots where my curves were not welcomed and my opinion undervalued.  But I paved my own way and at the bottom of my rainbow I planted a seed which grew into something greater than a pot of gold, it sprouted SKINNY MINORITY. At some point its not about race or weight but about talent, because when your great, they simply cant deny you.  And  Miss Caldwell is fabulous and she won’t be deined!

She is supercute and  we love her style. Its so chic and glamourous which is right up our alley. I’ve also worked in PR before I worked one on one with stylist and to be studio director under Mary Alice Stephenson is an incredible achievement. I look forward to seeing more from my fellow brown girl.

Kudos to you Denise and thank you for helping us make the world a more fashionable place. 

You’re Our Hero! 

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