A Few Fashion Finds…Why Pay More?

Hey Guys

How was everyone’s weekend. I had eye surgery right before the holiday so I didn’t do much. Bummer!!! I’m behind in my never ending “to do” list and I really need to get crackin on finishing this KRA Lookbook, so I’m going to make this quick. As you all know I’m an advocate of sites like ShoeDazzle & Just Fab! Well it being the 1st of the month and all I got my shoe & accessories selections from both of my accounts. Lately I haven’t been overwhelmed enough to gush with you guys about  the selections they give me, especially not enough to do a post but, this month there were a few things that caught my eye…

Ya’ll know I’m a ShoeWhore!!!!

Only 39.99 & Free Shipping with Membership

I kinda want to buy them but ya’ll know I only buy what I need and honestly I don’t need these. And not to mention they don’t fit into my commandments of shopping. So I’m probably going to pass. However, I do need to point out that they are a great alternative to purchasing these  Julien Louie Aldo shoes…


Or you could try these from Aldo for a few pennies less

These will run you $90

Over at Just Fab.com I was intrigued by these sunnies

$39.00| Gernada| In Blue

I love these shades, the shape ,the color, everything. But I’m having a cheapie moment where I don’t want to pay nobody’s damn 39.00 for these shades. Sorry but I just don’t. Still might get them though… unsure. What do you guys  think? Am I being too cheap? Are they worth it? LET ME KNOW PEOPLE.

By the way these also come in orange and green, but I like the blue for a year round look.

Well thats it for now… Be sure to check out our new radio segment The Fashion Fix w/ SubUrbanJay on Press Play Radio…. Catch it here or on Tumblr every Wednesday!

Thanks For Reading…

Have a Great Weekend 😉

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