May I Please Have 1 Of Each…Thanks

Hey Guys & Dolls:

I’ve been so busy gearing up for Skinny Minority’s Summer Schedule, that I forgot to check out what my closet needs! For those of you who may be new to the blog I only buy things I need, not the things I want. Why you might ask, simply put, because want leads to junk and clutter and thats never good.

Any who I clicked around some of my fav online retailers to see what I could find to make my summer even more fashionable. Heres what I found…

Can't You Just Tell I'm Headed 4 Brokesville

Lets start with the small but pricy items

Christian Daffodil Platform Pump $995 | Milly Spring Bag $325

Definitely can’t afford either of these items, but a girl can dream… and then be inspired! On to something more realistic.

The 2 Items on the ends are ASOS & The Middle is Forever 21 +

 The first is a floral waist synching dress from ASOS Curve, it retails for $74.00 . However if I decide to purchase this dress I need to keep in mind that the smallest size they carry is 16 so I would need to take this to my tailor for some nipping and tucking. NOTE: I will tailor ANY & EVERYTHING! Having a good tailor is highly underestimated, especially in the plus and curvy girl community. Don’t play yourselves people, if it doesn’t fit you need to quit! 

The other two items are super cute rompers! I never thought to even wear one, but these two called out to me! The teal color romper is from Forever 21+ and retails for $25.00.

I love the Color!

The Front

This next one is so cherry pie to me, lol. It might be because of the print but or because I heard the Sade song today. Either way its sweet, playful and vintage! I have to have this, just looking at it gets me excited for Summer!

And since a girl can never have to many acessories, heres 2 more!


Left: Limited Edition Missoni | Right: Forever 21 $10

Last but not least these neon pink jeans from Forever 21+! I know that colored jeans have been popular for a while now but, these grabbed my attention! It also doesn’t hurt that I LOVE forever 21+ jeans, I know they are cheap, def not my Madewell’s but, for the price of $20 they are comfortable and fit me and my lady lumps just fine!

Spring is definitely in the AirSpring is definitely in the Air

Do you feel inspired? Whats your favorite place(s) to shop online? Have you made any recent purchases for summer? Swimwear perhaps? We love sharing, so send us a picture of your latest purchase or better yet tell us about it. Drop us a line about your latest purchases, fav places to shop and what you think about my wish list all in the comment section.

As always we thank you for reading.


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