We Love Your Style: Rittenhouse Sq

It’s Monday folks and as promised we have some amazing street from people whose individual style we just LOVE! Yup they got us Gushing!

First Up Deondre

This is the black man’s version of I’m hot and I just rolled out of bed look…. You Go Boy!

Great profile… Aviator Lenses

Across town we found Beverly….

Her Hair Is Gorge! An Accessory All Itself

She is such a Doll!

The Bag…The Watch 🙂

Navy and brown at its best! I’m a huge fan of monochromatic looks, and in this picture it look as if her cardigan is a faded navy blue. These neutrals are great and ya’ll know I love a dress.

And Then There was Anna…

Sometimes Its The Simple Things

I spotted Anna a mile away with the great hat she wore. She looked very fashionable sitting on the bench reading a book. Doesn’t she give you kate holmes from the neck down and Kristina Hendricks from the neck up…its the proclien skin tone and foxy red hair! Right?
Another betty in the park was Kelly who should totally be a Plus Model! And Oh yea, the beau beside her is Ted.

Such a cute pair

We Want Her To Be Apart Of The Skinny Minority!
Isn’t she is gorge! Her style is cute, kinda preppy and girly. Her curves are on point and we’re proud to say shes rocking them well!
Do you have great style… want to be featured on SMB? We’d love too feature you! Send pictures of your style to skinnyminority@gmail.com along with a few words about your gorge selves!
Until next time… Thanks for reading!

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