Day In The Life Of A Stylist 008

Hola Folks & Howdy New Subscribers…

We are back in full effect, soooo it’s back to work as usual. The vaca was ok but I’m still getting things in order. This Summer is going to be extremely busy for us and it hasn’t even started yet. We have a few new projects in the works, an online tee shirt boutique,  more photo shoots, more gushing and blogging. All of this in an effort to make the world a more fashionable place, especially for curvy women.

Curious as to what we’re up too? Here’s some behind the scene(s) looks from our  latest shoot…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The shoot was simply amazing! I’m proud of everyone that was involved, and though I haven’t even seen the unedited photos yet I know they are hot! I love creative directing shoots maybe even more than styling. FACT: near the end of my time working working with Stylista Becca Alexis I thought I would soon leave the land of styling to be creative director of a fashion magazine. Welp… so much for that, it almost happen at a small grass roots publication, but funding fell through.  

What else have I been up to… studying my craft is what! My one of my idols, Kelly Cutrone has released her 2nd book, “Normal Gets You Nowhere.” So of course while in Atlanta last week I RAN to Barnes & Noble to grab a copy and I’m already halway through.

So far it’s fabulous, but I have to admit its not exactly what I expected. I love regardless. Not sure if I will make it a #TeamSkinnyMinority mandatory read, but miss Kell On Earth is definitely preaching the word!

Ok love bugs thats all for me… until next time THANKS FOR READING.

PS: Skinny Minority will soon have its own fashion segment on Press Play Radio via Complex Visions.Tumblr 🙂

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