SMD Newbie Lauren…Aspiring Plus Model

Everyone Meet Lauren!

Lauren's Headshot By Melissa Marie Herandez

Lauren is the newest model to join Team Skinny Minority! She is a Philadelphia native aspiring to change the game of plus modeling as we know it.  Seeing her potential we approach Lauren with the opportunity to help her build her portfolio, gain recognition and ultimately a modeling contract.

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Here’s How Lauren Measures Up…

Height: 5’8 | Bust: 42| Waist: 34| Hip:  48

Are you an aspiring curvy model? Don’t know where or how to start? Well look no further, Skinny Minority is the way to go. Aside from helping curvy women become their most fashionable selves we also represent aspiring models. We not only help them become contracted, but cater to their personal styling needs and creatively director their professional image. Interested? Want more information. Contact us directly about Skinny Minority Division (SMD), our unique model portfolio development program. 

Email us today at 

Lets get started! The Skinny Minority Revolution Will Be MORE than Televised. 

Thanks for reading guys…. Toodles 

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