What I Wore: Talkin’ Fashion Event

Hi Everybody,

Long time no talk, well kinda. This weekend was a hectic one but the beat goes on. Friday after I got my hair done & I went on an unexpected Vintage Shopping Spree @ Astro Vingtage. 2nd to Wilbur, Astro Vintage is one of my  favorite vintage stores in Philadelphia. Karen, the store owner is great, she’s so sweet, and helpful; she actually looks like a character from Mad Men. All the pieces in the store are certified vintage she specializes in 40’s & 50’s styles. I brought quite a few dresses and heres one of them…

Turquoise Indian Sequin Dress

This dress actually is jade green, not this awful color it photographed. I love this dress, once I found out it was a dress and not a top I was thrilled! It fits like a dream and the Aline cut looks great on my curves.

The dress is raw siri silk, shoes are Saccato, rose clutch from Wilbur Vintage. 

I can’t wait to show you guys the rest of what I got, I really need to do a Closet Hual, because I do have some really cool stuff if I may say so myself. LOL. But seriously I love this dress its probably one of my favorite dresses at this point and I’ve only had her for about 3-4 days.

It was getting Windy. FYI the panel was amazing, I’m forever grateful for the opportunity.  The members of BRAG were great host and the students are fabulous as well. I was truly honored to meet some them. Special shoutout to all the panelist at well.

If you live in the Philadelphia area please check out Karen and Astro Vintage.

Until The Next Post… We Thank You 4 Reading

pssst… only 4 more days until the Skinny Minority BIG Event 🙂

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