From The Desk Of Thing 1: My Journey In Fashion 001

Hola Chicanas,

A little over a month ago I, D. Mckenzie , joined Team Skinny Minority. I wasn’t exactly sure  what I was going to be doing be I truly didn’t care because this was an opportunity I had been waiting for. Honestly, I never really tired to look for an opportunity in the industry, I was planning to just creating my own opportunity, built soley on my confidence and minimal business knowledge.  All I  knew was that I wanted this, but I didn’t know how my dream was going to be possible. As I dreamed of  fashion lights and runway strides in the back of my mind all I could think about was my was my short stature and chunky frame. I wasn’t sure if I would even get hired and/or be accepted.  Though Im full of energy, charm, style and a little grace, lol I often questioned if this was enough. Then I reached out to Skinny Minority For An Opportunity… and the rest is history.

Cury Girls Rock (The Large Bather by P.A. Renior

With merely 45 days under my belt I can tell you that it’s nothing glam about this job. Do not get me wrong, I am in love all over again and  I am having so much fun. All of my friends hate on how excited I am about being on Team Skinny Minority. For about the first two weeks I called Karima about 10 times in one day, which would have irritated me if I was her, but Karima is great! Every time I called she was always willing to talk to me. I couldn’t believe how much responsibility she was willing to give me. I guess she worked by herself long enough that she was ready to release some of her responsibilities.

In this last month, I have scouted models, (one of which happened to be right under my nose, my friend @kris10fish. smh), scheduled meetings, researched makeup artist and hair stylist in the Philadelphia area and my Fave worked onset for a photo shoot for an up and coming artist. Just to name a few and If  I may toot my own horn a little bit. TOOOOT TOOOT!!!!  Ok … back to work

Thanks for Reading Fashion Love Bugs


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