Advice From BJ Coleman

Every now and again I get tons of questions about how I got started in the fashion industry and I love answering those types of questions. However, with the summer coming and the flood of internship resumes making their way into my inbox I find myself talking with a lot of young women that want to “break into fashion.” At the end of each conversation I always ask the girls if they have any questions, reassuring them, that they can ask me anything, but they never do. Sitting thinking about this, I’m sure that this could be for many reasons, nervousness, immaturity or shyness. Whatever the case its not going to cut it in this industry. You have to be bold, confident, and self assured. This industry is not for the meek.  Step your game up ladies!

Enff of what I think, here’s what celebrity publicist  & owner of the Coleman Entertainment Group, BJ Coleman had to say …

BJ Coleman, Publicity Guru

In his experience, he’s learned “Don’t get too comfortable too soon. It’s a mistake that a lot of young people make. Know your place, stay in your lane, and respect your boundaries. Also in entertainment and fashion, a lot of people are disillusioned by the glitz and glamour, thinking it’s nothing but red carpet events. A lot of gut, sweat, and tears go into the job before you get the glamour. You have to know how to work hard.”

He continues, “Do your best work.You can’t be in an internship sitting there idle, waiting for someone to give you something to do. You have to be a self starter. Have a good worth ethic, think fast, be quick, and be honest.”

And Lastly, Dress like the person you want to become.

I love his straight forward approach… me likey. However there is one more tip that is super important that I’ve noticed is extremely overlooked, doing your homework. Surprising as it may be I talk to several young women who want to work for me, but have no idea what I do or what my company is about. Sadly when I find this out (within the first 60 seconds of the interview) I immediately write them off. I’m no June Ambrose or Rachel Zoe (meaning I’m not a household name) but Skinny Minority can be found all over the net, just Google us! We are literally on just about EVERY social network from Twitter to Tumblr, not to mention we have a very informative main website.

Our Main Website

I encourage every Skinny Minority team member to constantly study their craft as stylist and consultants. Learn and research art, designers, photographers, editors, models and most important other stylist. Why, because it will challenge you, help you set goals and become more knowledgeable. How can you compete if you don’t study your opponent.  Food for thought!

Well my loves thats it for now, take heed to Mr. Coleman’s advice and if you would like to read the rest of his interview with Claire from The Fashion Bomb click the link.

Do you have questions for Team Skinny Minority about becoming a stylist or the fashion industry… drop us a line in the comment box or send us some email, 

Have a Great Weekend & Thanks For Reading.

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