All That Glitters…

Oh You Fancy Huh?! You damn right! I’m all that and a bag of chips, son! LOL! I’m only teasing I’m definitely not that vain, confident, yes, Vain, no! However, some of the new items that popped inside my email inbox are fancy, and they sparkle and tickle me with delight…

First up The Hottest Bags across the pond

Bags By Angel Jackson

Ya’ll know these bags are hot! I’ve been in love with Angel Jackson forever, way back when I used to be Senior Fashion Editor for Clutch Magazine. Don’t remember how I found her but when I did, I never let her go. I have yet to make a purchase from her, but I did attempt to get some samples from her when I did a shoot wit Nikki Ntu in Brooklyn like 2yrs ago. She does crazy things with feather and sequins and crystals! Ahh is there a better combination for the glamour girl? NOPE

Next we have one of the most stylish sneakers known to man and its from my personal fav, Shoedazzle!

Sequins On A Sneaker

Her name is Rocket aka Rocky and she is not your average shoe dazzle shoe. In fact she is apart of a new line Shoe dazzle is launching called Casual Chic. From the looks of the promo I think this line targets all our Teen Vogue readers.

Advertisement & Promo

However a fashionista of any age can rock these with the right swag on a chic and casual day.  The line had a few other looks we just fell in love with this one.

Shoewhores don’t fret you know we got ya back or at least Mr. Brian Atwood does…

Maniac Metallic Pump

Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful? I love how she just glistens and glitters, this shoe makes a girl just wanna be sexy with or without clothes. She’s crazy, sexy, cool and ready for the world. I think she might also be ready for my closet. But at $540 I’m definitely not ready for that jelly, lol! I love these shoes. Dressed up or down these shoes are definitely worth the investment. Don’t abuse them and take them to your local shoe maker and get the re-soled and buffed and you will have them forever.

Want to glisten? Are you all that and a bag of chips? Check out these finds at the links below.




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2 thoughts on “All That Glitters…

  1. mo says:

    Soooo in love with those bags and let’s not even discuss the last pair of shoes–Mr. Atwood–whew! I can’t…I think it would love fabulous with this 100% silk navy blue blazer! 😉

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