What We Found @Urban Outfitters & XXI


So while crusing the mall for a recent shoot my lovely assistant Keyanna and I toke a quick break to snap some photos of our fav finds at Urban Outfitters and Forever 21! Heres what we found:

A Lace Everything

I love girly romantic things  especially this dress which I plan to purchase very soon. It was a pretty chilly day when we snapped these but this dress warmed me up inside and got me excited about spring. Come to think of it I have the perfect Mui Mui sandals to set this dress on fire! You find this if not in my closet at Urban Outfitters.

Up next this versatile blazer.

Hop Skip Jump

Yes this one is for my curvies! As soon as I saw this jacket I was  overjoyed! And NO I didn’t find this in the sad ass Faith 21 section of the store I found this in the 12 by 21 section. It billowy, soft but sturdy enough for the all the junk in my trunk and dips in my hips! Ladies this is a must have, and if you read this blog enough you know why! Seasonless, versatile and an undercover  investment.

What have you brought recently? Tell us we want to know…

4 thoughts on “What We Found @Urban Outfitters & XXI

  1. Thyreast says:

    The Urban Outfitters dress is *cute!* Last purchase: A really cute black and white A-line sheath from JC Penny. On sale. And I had a coupon. #BeautyOnABudget

    • karimarenee says:

      Karima Here… thanks for the always chatting and reading you definitely rock our socks. My last purchase was a sequins jacket from my fav vintage store in Philadelphia Wilbur! Post to come!

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