A Day In The Life Of A Stylist 006

Hello My Loves,

I’m back I know I kinda been on hiatus but things have been super busy for the working girl. As you may know I have added 2 lovely additions to the team… thing 1 aka @411_storm and thing 2 @key_city_oflove. I call them thing 1 and 2 not to objectify them but because they are literally my right and left hand. I love them, they have made my life a whole hell of a lot easier and exciting. They always have a story for me as I have for them. I hope I have them forever. Go Team Skinny Minority!

Recently I have been making the world a more fashionable place starting with Philadelphia Vocalist Na’eemah Harper. It was a cool shoot, I was totally prepared. Heres a quick pic of 1/2 of Skinny Minority at work on set.

Thats Me Pinning The Skirt!! Shout-out 2 Dom In the background

Brittany Nixon On Hair & Benjamin John For Makeup

I love being on set. I personally like to just get in the zone and create, not to mention I’m pretty good on my feet. An example of that would be when I used stickers for earrings, kid stuff… maybe but it worked.

We had a good shoot that day and as I sit here typing I’m downloading the pics from the photographer so that we can begin the editing process.  When I finish that I have tons of other things to do… but this week is somewhat mellow.

In other news can you believe that we just had our final fitting for the KRA Collection! So exciting and now we are just 19 days away from its debut and our BIG EVENT! I’m gushing just thinking about it.  Now back to work no rest for the working gal!

Want to know what its like to be on set? Have questions about what to put in your kit? Hit us up @ skinnyminority@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading.

One thought on “A Day In The Life Of A Stylist 006

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