Impulse Buy! Elizabeth & James

Hey Readers,

I was doing my usual purose around the world wide web of all thing fashion and I thought now (Thrusday March 24, 2011, 4:14pm) would be a good time to look for a few dresses for some upcoming events I have. However, being the shoe-whore that I proudly am I took a quick detour to the shoe department when I stumbled upon these…

I love them! These metallic platform pumps are right up my alley. Ya’ll know I love a platform. I also really like the away the color looks spray painted on the leather giving the shoe an added richness and great texture. The heel is stacked which is great for support, so I should be able to pull these off for a 6-8 hour shift. Yup, I can go that long, working in retail (Ann Taylor) turned my plush puppies into to (cornless)  pretty soldiers on the front line of fashion. Yes, I mostly wear heels but I do what I can to prevent corns, blisters and bunions. I still have to wear sandals ya know.

Anyway, even though this was an inpluse buy, I have waited a while to make a purchase from Elizabeth & James. I love this line, but then again the Oslens can pretty much do no wrong in my eyes. Yet I do consider this an investment buy because: I can wear these shoes all year long, they are a neutral color, I can wear them with anything, and the style is timeless, I can wear these when I’m 40!!! I’m every excited to try these babies out, I know the Olsens take pride in producing quality products made of the best materials! I hope the leather is rich and soft like buttah! The best part about this purchase is that I saved… $208.00!!! I love a sale and I love

So do you guys like my purchase? Do any of you guys own any E & J shoes? Better yet, whats the last impluse buy you made? Did you regret it? Lets Dish!!!


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