Yes! Fall Bags Already!

Hey Readers,

So I was over at my girl’s Ty Alexander’s new blog Gorgeous In Grey when I came aross my dream bag!

Love This Bag.. And I Don't Even Know Her Name!

Don’t Hate! LOL! But I love her! I really do I was so excited when I saw her I almost peed my pants. Well maybe thats an aggeration, but you get the picture. This bag is from the new Fall 2011 line from Coach! I like Coach, they are timeless, and extremely well made! Structured bags are in this year, especially for the upcoming seasons of Spring & Fall.

Right now invest in a structured bag frame bag. With ready to wear moving into a polished era, stay away from anything slouchy.

~Jason Wu

I love the color, and no matter how old the bag gets it will only get better with time. Even worn, wrinkled, and faded this bag will be hot! This bag fits my wardrobe and my lifestyle, its fashionable and professional, not to mention my Ipad fits inside.

So what do you think of this bag? Love/Hate? We want to know.

What to check out the rest the collection check out Purse Forum.


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