Obsession: Net-a-Porter


Ok so when all we had was a Tumblr I used to do a weekly post on what I loved on Net-a-Porter.com. Its no secret that its my favorite online shopping destination, even if i mostly window shop, lol. Anywho I thought that I would bring the post back to life the blogette.

Without further ado here are my net-a-porter picks for this week. Enjoy

Oversized Shirt By Micheal Kors $80

Dress By Craven $500ish

I love that dress, its something I would design 🙂

These prices are somewhat steep but, you guys know my rules of purchasing. Somethings are worth the investment, especially if it’s : made of natural fabrics, is versatile, timeless, and can be worn for more than 2 season. If it fits the bill, and you have the funds, go for it babe!

Whats the last thing you consider a closet investment purchase? Let us know. We love to dish!

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