These Shoes R Jus Fabulous

Hey Guys,

If you read our blog every now and then you know I love shoes, you also know that I have membership accounts with both shoedazzle and Jus Well yesterday to my delighted surprise the stylist of  (Who What Wear Daily) WWWD and head creative honchos at Just droped these puppies of in my inbox.

Shoes Shoes Shoes



I love the green snake print and the black sparkle pumps! I love the pop of color that the green snake skin peep toes can bring to an outfit. They also fall under my purchase guidelines of being wearable for more than 2 seasons (spring, summer & fall). The detailed stiching is a fabulous touch,its fresh and unexpected. The stitching and the texture fool observers into thinking you paid Louboutin prices for these puppies when you only paid $39.99!

The sparkle ones are just the thing to up the ante on any outfit on any woman.  They are not just a shoe but a sexy accessory.They bling like jewelry, but not so much they you can’t wear with a pair of jeans. Also glitter is classic glamour, which means its always in style. Just always gifts you a pair of replacement  soles so that when the heels become worn you can easily have them repaired.

NOTE: The upkeep of any shoe is essential, especially our inexpensive ones. Trust me, just as much as a girl needs a tailor, she needs a good shoe repair shop and handbag repair shop. It will make your wardrobe last a lifetime.

Which ones are your favorites? Would you purchase any of these shoes? Do you get your shoes resoled?  Let us know, join the conversation!



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