A Day In The Life Of A Stylist:005

My Bed @ 3am

Hey Reader,

How are you guys? Me the only word that comes to mind when people ask me that is Blessed. Because I truly am. My blessings come with me being very busy. In case you’ve been under a rock we are 45 days away from our collection debut. As a young up and coming stylist this a dream come true but its a lot of hard work, time energy and effort. Yet I never look at it as work, and if you want to be in this business you better not either. As my mother would say hard work brings about good results. We’re on our way and we are definitely grinding it out. As an up and comer I wear most of the hats, shout out to my fab pr team over at Urban Suite Entertainment and my new assistant dominique aka 411_storm. But as you can see from the picture I creative, sales, marketing and social networking director of this ship. I do it all, but my new team members are too a blessing.  When I look at this picture above I think wow it took me all my life to get to that moment.

Well back to work I go I have 2 shoots to prepare for  and two collection previews. Want to be with us step by step, follow us on twitter @skinnyminority! We chat the way we grind, 24/7!

Thanks for reading


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