Lets Talk Blazers

Hey Everyone!

How are you, if its Monday and you are just reading this, I hope you had a great weekend. Normally if I have a work intensive Saturday or Sunday I take that time to work on the blog, Tumblr, and behind the seams work. And since the forecast calls for rain this weekend  (in philly) I figured I might as well get some admin work done. Part of a stylist and fashion blogger’s job is to catch up on whats going on in the blogsphere. I have a few special blogs that I frequent (they are mentioned in our blogroll to your right) and Chic Intuition is one of them. Recently they did a quick post on Zara’s new spring collection and this HOT PINK Blazer popped out at me. I love this blazer, the whole idea of it. I mean what fashionable girl wouldn’t love a hot pink tuxedo blazer! Don’t let the color fool you or make you shy away from this hot ticket item, its very versatile. It can be worn with jeans, leggings, a skirt (mini or high waisted) or even wide leg trousers that are so popular this spring.

Unfortunately I don’t know the price of this jacket. What would you pay for this jacket, does it matter if you love it? Recently I asked my Twitter followers, “How much would they pay for a GREAT blazer. How much is too much?” Asking this question I got responses from both extremes. One follower said the most she would pay would be $50, while another said “a few hundred.”

As a stylist and fashion enthusiast I try to preach the truth and the good word as I know it. Truth be told quality cost a few ones and you owe it to yourself, body and your closet to make the RIGHT investments. A GREAT blazer is and will always be the right investment. Our (skinny minority) A/W 2011 collection consist of 3 beautiful jackets, one for wherever your life will take you so that of course includes a blazer. Her name is Bonnie, she is 100% silk and the richest midnight blue you’ve ever seen. But her best quality is that if taken care of  you will be able to past her down to your sister, daughter or son!

I say all of  this to make the point of you get what you pay for! As I advised the young girl who said that her limit was $50 ” you must want to buy a new blazer every other season or you are looking for a ploy or rayon blend.”

NOTE: Clothing made from natural fibers last longer, especially when preserved. These are natural fibers/ fabrics: Cotton, Bamboo, Silk, Wool. When shopping, especially for investment pieces like blazers check the tag for the fabric content, it just may justify or undermined the price tag. Either way you can make the most informed decision when you have all the facts.

Here Is The Investment Shopping Checklist:

– Made from natural fibers/fabrics

– How much will you wear it (here figure the price that you would normally pay for the item, then divide that # by the amount of times you will the item that year; that # should show you how quickly the item will pay for itself)

– Can it be worn 2-3 seasons out of a year

– Can I afford this purchase

– Does this item fit my: life, BODY, Wardrobe

What are your thoughts, how much would you or have you paid for a GREAT Blazer? What investment pieces are you planning on purchasing this Spring?

Join the conversation….

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