My Shoedazzle Picks: March

Hey Ya’ll

So I know all you guys know I’m a total SHOEWHORE so it would only make sense that I would have a Shoedazzle Account and a Jus Fab Account. If you don’t know what they are, please let me explain:

They are online shoe clubs where you take a survey to build your profile of footwear likes and dislikes. From there once you have a membership each month they email you your monthly shoe selections that stylist choose for you. The membership is FREE and each pair of shoes cost $39. You are NEVER Charged unless you purchase. Shipping is Free and Guess What? No Taxation. LOL!

Anyway, Check out my picks… and check out the sites to see more of what they are all about!

Option 1


Option 2

Option 3

Sooo, which ones should I get? I’m leaning towards 2 or 3.

NOTE: I try to ONLY buy things that I REALLY NEED bc it becomes glutinous and you soon realize that you never wear most of the shoes (items) you have in your closet. Also Buy shoes that you can wear all year around, I’m really into socks and chunky sandals, (olsen style) so that is not too much of a problem for me. Our motto at skinny minority is to make the most of what already in your closet. We love fun pieces, but you need staples that WORK for YOUR REAL LIFE!

This basically means that if your not at the club 4 times a week you shouldn’t have more than two pairs of strappy stilettos or 5-6″ spike heels.

Check Out Shoedazzle:

Check Out Jus Fab: http:/

Let me know your thoughts on my selections, shoedazzle, and whats in your shoe collection! Join The Conversation 🙂

Love You… Mean It… Have Fun & Shop Wisely


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