A Day In The Life Of A Stylist: 003

Hey Ya’ll

How are you guys… I hope all is well. Things with me are Great, I have to say, and I say that because, honestly, I’m too blessed to stressed. Of course there have been a few challenges, but that’s life I’m just trying to maintain and keep it moving. As you guys know we are busy producing our debut clothing line, on some real, its the hardest thing I’ve ever done but, its the most fun. From picking out the fabric swatches to each fitting. I’m learning so much, each day, its like doing my first internship all over again expect for this time the outcome is life changing huge. For those of you that have aspirations of designing and one day maybe having your own line here are a few tips:

1. Please Purchase The Book ” The Entrepreneurs Guide to Sewn Product Manufacturing” By Kathleen Fasanella

2. Learn Fabrics, take some time 3-4 hours and go to a real fabric store (not jo’mar or annie sez) and touch, rub and ask questions about fabrics. Most importantly pick up some swatches of what you like

3. Bulid relationships with Store Owners, if they like you they will give you discounts

4. Reach out to an “Old School” Seamtress, even if its your grandma, once you understand the construction of the garment it will hep you choose fabrics and match them with the right designs

5. Attend trade shows, most of these are in NYC or LV. Look into Capsule, Moda, Fame & Intermezzo. We will be at a few Trade shows this Fall so  look out for us.

Take these tips and run with them, they will prove helpful. Well I’m off to do some work. Until the next time, Thanks for reading.

PS: If you have questions, comments, whathaveyou, let us know, drop one in the comment box or email us at inquires@skinnyminority.com 

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