Saturday…|A Day In The Life of A Stylist

This saturday didn’t start off as the most amazing saturday ever, with rushing to the bank, doing a failed return and not seeing my boy-toy of the moment, it kinda blew… at first. Luckily for me one of my favorite safe havens is BANES & NOBLE!! I pick out a corner or table pick up tons of fashion books and mags (fashion & business) and veg out, my way. I love doing this, I clear my mind, grab a coffee or whatever and I stay there for hours. On this bn visit its a little different, I have chatty kathy and friends beside me and a cute kid running round, all of which i’m trying to block out.

Anywho, today I have an agenda:

– research

– chk out the trends

– match my swatches and designs

– write blog/tumblr

I’m making progress already . Yesterday I took a day trip to NYC for some  fabric shopping, I was totally excited at first but as soon as I got into Mood (store name) I was kinda discouraged. Eventually I got over it.  And after 2 hrs of waiting, cutting, touching and matching, I  walked out feeling  somewhat overwhelmed,  not mention I was over budget w/ a hunger headeache. All those things aside its all apart of the life, as a stylist. I never thought that I would be in this position, owning my own company that is quickly becoming a brand. I have tons on my plate right now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. On top of creating a name of my self and building a core client roster, I’m in he process of starting my own showroom, the catch is that it will be filled with skinny minority label, aka my own designs. That alone is unbelievable. Its a lot of hard work and is currently drying up my resources but I wouldn’t trade it.  Yet there are those times when I find myself so focused on the business of the brand and the details of social media that I forget to appreciate this moment and this journey.

One of my idols is Kelly Cutrone and if you don’t know who that is, you should get to know her, seriously! But after reading her book I learned many things (about to read the book for the second time) and one of them was to enjoy the journey. What I took from that was this; many young people are so focused on money, fame, fortune, and power that they don’t appreciate and reflect on the notches they make on their personal timelines between the beginning and end goal.

When I find myself ignoring my in-between moments, I bring myself self back down to reality and appreciate how far I’ve come and the moment that I’am in. Today is one of those days where I’m truly appreciating my journey.

Until the next time… thanks for reading

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