Hello world!

Hello Everyone and thanks for visiting the first Skinny Minority Blog! Incase you have been under a rock for the past few months; let me introduce you to who we are and what we do. Skinny Minority is a styling and image consulting company serving the fashion and image needs of curvy women. Currently based in Philadelphia we have our roots in NYC. Like all things we do this blog is just one of the ways we will be making a difference in both the lives and closets of curvy gals.

Each week will be giving you a trio of post dishing on fashion secrets for your curves, my obessions, and pretty much anything-curvy fashion. Most importantly we intend to you this space as a place of oasis for YFF Women (thanks Gabi) on the web. Since fashion is all about image we want to jump-start the conversation of body image, self-love and life as a glamorous curvy chick.

So this is an open invitation for you and yours to join us every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday for an intimate cocktail reception. We will bring the fashion, the gift bags, and hot topics and you bring spirits.

Sending you love with fashion


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