Behind the Scenes| The Day In the Life A Stylist

I cant wait to show you guys these finished pictures. I’ve been talking about my Black Hearts shoot for the past two weeks on Tumblr and this week the final pictures should be edited. This shoot was amazing I have to say. However yet in still as I’m on set, do returns, and edit photos I’m constantly learning, constantly wanting to do better and push my self to reach my full potential as a stylist. The photo to the right a behind the scenes shot of model Kinda. Her dress was hand picked by me of course and it was originally purchased for my kit and obsessive vintage collection. I can’t remeber the designer of the silk beauty but “she” fit Kinda like a glove, it was perfection! Anyway, for this look we were shooting outside and since it was cold I had the idea to also put her in a  black fur jacket. This look was devine and unforunately wasn’t captured in such a way.

Note: Don’t let your creative asethic take away /distract you from the vision of the clothing.

I know it seems crazy but i feel like I let that happen with this shoot in some senses. I got great photos but my next shoot will definitely focus on the clothing more than the story line.

BTW…. wondering whats in my hand? Its my secret weapon on set…. Avocado Oil! This can be used on hair, skin, and all leather goods. Dull leather, hair, and skin don’t photograph well, make things shine with a lil oil babe. On this blog you will consistently hear me speak of the importance of investing in things. This is no different. Avocado Oil is more expensive and harder to find than lighter than both baby and Olive oil. Its just a better choice for you and your clients. Mostly importantly natural oils absorb into natural fibers like leather, making it safe to use.

Have aspriations of becoming a stylist? Have questions about the fashion industry? Click “The Contact” tab above, we love to advise you in the right direction.

Thanks for reading


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