Advice From Atiba…


Felicia  From ConcreteLoop: What piece of advice to you have for all of the aspiring stylists out there? 

Atiba: I get a lot of questions from aspiring stylists and I find that really flattering in itself. You have to find a stylist you respect and admire and intern for them. Its what I did with June. I’m still learning new stuff everyday. Kids out there have a great eye and I recently worked with an intern that is so high fashion and you have to learn how to do everything from period pieces, urban and high fashion. High fashion doesn’t pay the way a video will. Working with June allowed me to realize how to dress women. I respected June and we put up with so much because the Mod Squad was a small family. We ate and hung out together and June would have us in her room chillin’. Always work with someone you admire and you wouldn’t mind walking dogs and all of that. Just know what’s going on from Paris to Queens. Let people look at you and guess you are a stylist or work in fashion- when people act surprised that you are a stylist it isn’t a good thing! Dress to impress.

Want more advice… check out the entire interview with stylist Atiba Newsome here

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