A Day In The Life Of A Stylist

Hey Readers! So in an effort to educate, liberate, and motivate all young aspiring fashion junkies and stylist I will be doing “A Day In The Life Of A Stylist” blog entries. I thought that it would be a great way to give my readers and aspiring stylist a guerrilla style sneak peak into the day to day mayhem.So to start this thing off, lets not talk about the boring crap like rules and internships.. blah!  Lets get right to it; heres a taste of whats to come for one of my up coming Photo-Shoots.FYI… as an emerging brand the Skinny Minority Hustle NEVA STOPS… so I took these snapshots of my shoe pulls and racks while I watched the premiere of The Game! Gotta work hard to play hard in this industry.

When you start building a portfolio and doing test shoots (non editorial, personal photoshoots) you should invest in your own rolling rack. WHY? Because you never know when you have to shoot outside  (or in a crappy studio) and a collapsable rolling rack would come in handy for quick changes and organization. Plus it makes you more professional. These normally start around $79 for a durable one. NOTE: Please purchase from a wardrobe supply store.

I’m really looking forward to shooting the dress shown above… provided by Guess?! I hope my curvalicous model wears it well.

Ahh yess… its just another day in the life! Deuces!

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