Brand Collaboration: SM & Abbey Post

Recently I was asked by Abbey what are my fashion recommendations for women with Athletic body shapes ( inverted triangle). As you know its my passion to help women dress for the lives they want, so I was so excited to work with them. Here’s a sneak peak at the article.

Stylist Karima Renee of Skinny Minority suggests that you “try dresses with fuller skirts to create balance between the shoulders, bust, and hips.” Cynthia Schames agrees, “The key to inverted triangles wearing an A-line well is that you must belt it! The Kelly dress is a great choice, as it has a fit & flare silhouette that’s ultra-flattering.”

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Featured: The Story

I'm Honored & Humbled

I’m Honored & Humbled

This month has been an amazing month for me and I could not be happier to announce my feature on The Story The Story Exchange is a nonprofit media organization dedicated to telling the personal and professional stories of women business owners. They showcase the often-overlooked entrepreneurial women around the world who are contributing to their communities and collectively making an impact on the global economy. As an independent 501(c)(3) digital initiative, TSE aims to provide role models to other women who are pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

How do you define success? Success is inspiring other women. When I get emails or compliments on how I have changed a person’s life or their mentality, that’s success for me.

It has always been my mission to inspire women, not only on this blog but throughout my career. To read my full story visit The Story



What To Wear On A Lunch Date: Erika of YCS


Knowing Erika She Just Might Be Sneaking In A Pre-Date #Selfie!

Earlier this week, in my latest video, I talked about a coffee date being a good first or pre date meet-up. I like to call this a coffee consultation. When you think about it, a first date or a meet up is exactly like a business consultation. By definition a consultation is the action or process of formally consulting or discussing. On a date you are discussing each other, that is, essentially how we get to know one another. Who’s following me?  And so another type of meeting that business and personal relationships have in common is the infamous lunch date. Typically done during business hours this type of date can be a bit challenging in terms of what to wear. Most certainly for us gals. Since your at work how sexy or “cute” can you be? Does one change from flats to heels? Is a red lip appropriate for the afternoon? Can/should I have a glass of wine?

To help us tackle this dating challenge I reached out to friend of the blog and brand Erika McDaniel of Your Chic Is (YCS).

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Dating Advice: Dating Don’ts

Since I recently starting dating again I have learned a lot. And I as you know I like to share that information with you. Today’s dating has changed drastically over the pass 10 years. During various conversations that I’ve had many people blame it on social media. I’m not sure about that , I think it has more to do with convenience, morals and integrity. But thats another conversation for a longer video.

Dating can still be fun, at least it has been for me. Here are a few of my dating rules for what not to do.

Happy Dating Folks!

Featured: May Issue Of Ebony Magazine

I have a confession! I have been keeping a secret from you all. I know I’m horrible but, there’s an announcement. I’m in this month’s issue of Ebony Magazine! Thats right I did the “interview” in January and now I’m in the May issue. I’m talking all about my tips on how to date intelligently online!  Since my recent breakup every week I post my tip of the week. Often times that tip is surrounding dating advice!


In the article it states that I’m dating someone, I’m no longer dating that person! I have a new guy that I’m interested in right now that I also met online. Our first date is this Thursday! Wish me luck.

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 3.27.13 PM

Instagrammin’ |@skinnyminority

For more of my dating diva tips be sure to check me out my videos link above and tomorrow on the Bro Talk Podcast at 10PM for a special talk “The State Of Dating.”

Happy Dating Ladies! xoxox


Spring Pastels: An Ode To Prabal Gurung

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 6.25.26 PM

“I like clothes that are vintage-inspired and whimsical. You need some basics in your closet, but I always tend to go to the piece that has a sparkle on it, or a pearl.” Christina Hendrix

This past september when I saw the Parbal Gurung’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection I almost had a heart attack. It was that beautiful. It was everything I would ever want in a wardrobe, with the expect ion of some good butt jeans! My style is the perfect marriage between Mad Men’s Joan Holloway and French Style editor Emmanuelle Alt. (click links for reference) I’m all about richly feminine clothes. Good tailoring and fit. But most importantly sophisticated ease. I would never use the word comfort. In my world easy is comfortable, right?  Anywho, The collection was amazing and I was so inspired I promised myself that I would do a post in celebration of the line.

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Mod Cloth’s Wanelo Challenge

I love the beach… believe me I’m counting down the days until Memorial Day Weekend. Hopefully, at some point during the weekend, I will be on someone’s beach! Recently, I was approached by ModCloth to complete their Wanelo Outfit Challenge. My task was to pair awesome items from ModCloth with the cute bathing suit shown below. For the girl who loves the beach this was super easy. What you see below are all of my personal day-at-the pool/beach essentials. Don’t have a fancy cover-up or sarong… see how I improvise! Now bring on the SUMMER!
Summer Essentials with Modcoth

Wide brim sun hat

Metal glasses