The Art Of Style: Karima Renee


Inside My Wardrobe | A great collection of vintage dresses. Way too many jackets and blazers and not nearly enough shoes. Far too many women don’t take advantage of wearing dresses. They make getting dressed 10x easier. Rachel Roy once said “if you want to hide the circumference of your thighs wear a skirt.” A dress is the next best thing!

My Power Piece | A crisp white shirt. No Matter what you pair it with, it works. From a silk ball skirt to boyfriend jeans. 

My Work Uniform | My favorite blazer, a white or grey tee my favorite jeans or pencil skirt + pumps. Please See Below. 

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 1.13.00 PM

How I Shop | I’m an in-store kinda girl. But since I’m always in front of a computer I constantly browse online yet I rarely buy. The stylist in me likes to feel the fabric and see the construction of the garment.  

How I Pack | In a very organized way with all my bases covered. Coordinating colors. Only packing 2 pairs of shoes. And lastly putting all toiletries in slide grip ziploc bag.  

Who/What Inspires Your Style |  I get inspiration from everything. Movies, Trends, Bloggers other Stylist, Instagram, lol. 

Fall Essentials |  All things black and white. Lots of Grey and Hunter Green. And an Olivia Pope Coat. See More Here. 


What Do You Carry In Your Bag | Tons of lipstick and gloss. Floss. Business Cards. IPhone. Wallet.  


How To Where A Blazer


This is a stick up, though its not what you think. Ladies, the time has come for us to be honest with ourselves. Forget the number on the tag and do whats best for us..truly. In this post I’m robbing you of everything you ever knew about wearing jackets and blazers. I’m revealing the hard truth, dispelling myths and spilling secrets. Ladies, it’s time for some girl talk, curvy girl stylist style!


BLAZER (blāzər) ; noun, a lightweight jacket, typically solid-colored. A plain jacket, typically dark blue, not forming part of a suit but considered appropriate for formal or semiformal wear. 

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How To Wear Booties At Work

Booties BW 1

I’m so excited that Fall is here! Which for me means that you can rock blazers! Blazers and booties are like cookies and milk, sweet and salty, winged eye liner and red lips. You get the picture. In part one of this post I talked about how to wear booties off duty/ on the weekend. In this post I’m showing you my on-duty uniform. I love to show my legs, they’re one of my best assets.

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Bra Fitting Philadelphia


In honor of October as breast health month your bra fitting with me will ONLY be $20! Did you know that wearing the incorrect bra size can cause breast tissue tearing, bone dents, bruising and back pain! Not to mention add 5-10 lbs to your overall look!!!! A bra fitting is the easiest way to lose 5-10 lbs from your look and first step to daily breast healthcare. The second step is a mammogram after 35!  The third step is to watch my video all about the perfect bra fit.  Let me slim your waist & change your life! Book Today @

Have breast health or bra questions? Tweet me @CurvyGirlStylis or email me at the contact link above. 

How To Wear Booties pt. 1

Booties RS 1

Fall is officially bootie season. Personally I love a good bootie. They are comfortable, stylish and multifunctional.  When you think about it they are basically the perfect mashup between a pump and a boot. Which make them ideal for work and weekend. The ones that I have chosen to wear in this post are leopard and they lace up. I don’t know about you but, in my world leopard is a neutral. Meaning you can pretty much wear it with any and everything. Here I’ve paired them with one of the hottest looks for Fall, chunky knits and skirts.

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Service: Closet Cleaning Sale

Good Morning Facebook Fam! Fall is officially here! it may be 70 degrees where you are but, now is the perfect time to audit your closet and I’m here to help. Book your Closet Cleaning Using the Special Sale and get 30% off.


1. Divide & Conquer: If you haven’t worn it in a year, or it still have the tags on it, then you probably won’t wear it ever.

2. Edit: Identify which garments you feel fabulous in, and which don’t stand the flatter test. Anything that you don’t love the way you look in needs to go. You should always feel your best when getting dressed!
3. Organize: When you’re ready to hang everything back up, turn the hangers the opposite way. When you wear an item and put it back, face the hanger the correct way, and at the end of a year, you can see which items you didn’t wear at all.
4. Photo a Favorite: Create an outfit that you just love? Photograph yourself in it and keep an album of your favorite looks so you’re never wondering what to wear!
5. Strut Your Stuff: Prepare to shop your closet for forgotten gems and old faves. Together we can find great things for you to wear all summer long!

No time to do it all yourself, thats where I come in! From now until Oct 22nd book our Closet Cleaning and RECEIVE 30% OFF. I promise this service will be the best 4 hours of your closet’s life! To book now online or for more information click here or visit of services page.

What To Buy For Fall 2014

Being a fashion girl and professional fashion stylist Fall is undoubtedly my favorite season of the four. Why you might ask? Well simply put the fashion is just better. Not to mention you get the most out of your wardrobe during Fall. You can wear your favorite summer dress (see how too here), rock leather at work (see how here), and choose to wear boots, booties or scandals… just take your pick. While spring is a close runner up, it just doesn’t have the je ne sais quo that Fall does. Need help conquering this seasons must haves and top trends. I got your back, your fairy style mother has the low down on what to buy for Fall.

What To Buy For Fall 2014
  • The Jumpsuit: I love looks that can go from day to night. This Jumpsuit from Eloguii (The Limited Plus sizes) does the trick. Its covered so you can wear it to work (and wear a bra) but, stylish enough to wear for girls night out or happy hour drinks. Pop on a blazer or waist coat and you’re ready for the day…and night.

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